[Beetailer] How can I share my promotions?


Before launching the promotion

From the retailer side, you can choose to post in your wall when the promotion start, is in his half-way and when it finishes.




Permanent link

Once you have created a promotion, you have a permanent link for your promotion. You can find it in Your promotions page, clicking on Actions --> Share.



Facebook notifications

Your promotion will be also shared with other people that participated in your promotions in the past, they will receive a Facebook notification.



When an user participate in a promotion

  • Invite your friends. This link can be found in the promotion view.


Your users can share the promotion after they participate. Users can use the different buttons that Facebook offer right now:

  • The like button. Sharing the url for the contest.
  • The send button. When you can send it to a friend, group, etc..
  • Share with friends. A link where you can chose the friends you want to send it to.

All these options are from the end-user perspective.