[Beetailer] How can I promote my new Beetailer Facebook shop?

If you are new in Beetailer or you have noticed that you did not receive so many visits in your Facebook store, probably your fans do not know about your new Beetailer Facebook store.


Did you introduce your store to your fans?

It is very important, specially at the beginning. You have to reminder them that they can buy and comment your products from the tab shop and add a link to the tab(be sure to add the link because if not they will not click on it). Please use the shareable url link because it will be also visible for your users that use mobile devices.




This also will allow you to activate the mobile version :)


Customize your shop tab name and image!

You can change the name of the tab and make your shop more personal, your clients will appreciate it and it will be more attractive for them ie. "Buy from here now!", "Our products", "Special offers", "Mystorename: catalog", etc




We also strongly recommend you to customize the image icon for Beetailer App Tab in your Facebook Store.




Create a nice and beautiful Welcome Page

We recommend you to use the Welcome page feature and put an original picture to encourage people to like your page. A great picture or fun image increase the number of your new fans in more than 120%.

You can use this feature from your Beetailer admin panel.

Storefront → Customization


** Just for Fans option **

You can decide if your store will be available for everyone or just for fans. So we would recommend you to use a different picture if you plan to close the store just for fans ;)



Create an Opening Promotion

We recommend you to create a promotion, where your users can get a % of discount, ie "Gran Facebook Shop opened, get a 10% off" or create a contest. People can share the products with friends, like the products, create comments and get used to buy in your new Facebook store. Users LOVE get discounts or stuff for free, they will reward you with positive comments, likes and purchases.



Share your products with your users through the Post in the Wall feature

So many retailers are doing really well with this feature. If you share the product through here, they will be redirected to your Facebook store product view and they will be able to see other users´s comments, share the product or see more promotions! Also you get more traction, as Violent Lips does here


Tools → Posts in the wall → New




Share your promotions

You can get more info about how to share your promotions in the following link


Activate mobile version

In order to get as much people as possible at the beginning we would recommend you to activate the mobile version


Follow the Get Started list

We recommend you to follow and complete all the actions in your Get Started section



Do you want more? Do you want to share more tips?

Let us know if you have more tips to share with other retailers, our goal is make our customers´s businesses successful! Contact us at support@beetailer.com or write a new public discussion [suggestion] from here https://beetailer.tenderapp.com/discussion/new