[Social Widget] I am not using Magento, Prestashop nor Shopify, how can I add the Beetailer social widget?

We offer another plugin called Beesocial which adds a social widget to your regular store, sharing the social information (like, comments, etc) between your Facebook store and your regular store. This plugin is available for Magento, Prestashop and Shopify.

But what if you are not using any of these platforms?, how could I have a social widget up and running in your site?.

1 - Add the Beetailer javascript tag just before the closing body tag


<script type='text/javascript' src='//www.beetailer.com/javascripts/beetailer.js'></script>

2 - In your products page you need to add an html div which includes some specific attributes.

<div id='beesocial' data-domain='{{YOUR STORE DOMAIN}}' data-product-image='{{YOUR ABSOLUTE PRODUCT IMAGE URL}}' data-url='{{YOUR ABSOLUTE PRODUCT URL}}' data-comment-width='525' data-css-style='padding-top: 20px; clear: both' platform='custom'>

Please notice that every element wrapped in curly braces should be replaced by your product information

  • data-domain: This is your store url, if you already have a Beetailer.com custom store, your must use the same url you used during signup if you want to share the information with your Facebook store.
  • data-product-image: The absolute path to the main product image. It is used by the Pinterest button.
  • data-url: The product url which you want to associate the social data. If you have a Beetailer.com custom store and the product is already signed up there, you should put here the same url you set in the Beetailer product form (external product url).

Below an example of how the returning html should looks like:

<div id='beesocial' data-domain='http://magento.beetailer.com' data-product-image='http://magento.beetailer.com/media/catalog/product/cache/3/image/9df78eab33525d08d6e5fb8d27136e95/3/0/30-flat-panel-tft-lcd-cinema-hd-monitor.jpg' data-url='http://magento.beetailer.com/index.php/electronics/computers/monitors/30-flat-panel-tft-lcd-cinema-hd-monitor.html' data-comment-width='525' data-css-style='padding-top: 20px; clear: both' platform='custom'>

3 - Once you added the script and the beesocial div the result should be something like.


That's it!, If you get any issue or you have further questions, please fill out a support case ticket and we will be happy to help you :)