[Social Widget] How to add the social widget in one of my products description tabs

If in your Magento you are using a tabbed interface, you can move the social widget to one of those tabs following the next steps.

1. Install the social widget in the regular way

You can find the installation process here

Once you are able to see the widget but outside the tabs you are ready to continue.

2. Locate the id of the content tab div

Using a developer tool like firebug or the chrome console look for the id where you want to insert the widget.

In our example we want to add it to the reviews tab which id is product_tabs_review_tabbed_contents


3. Add the following javascript code to your Magento store

Finally add the following code to your Magento just changing the tab id for the one you found in the second step.


Now your social widget should be inside the tab you chose :)