[Beetailer] Magento common installation issues and troubleshooting

Can't recognize this url as a Magento application

Be sure that you use www in case that your domain contains it and https if your are using secure access urls.

You can manually check that your store url is correct if the url [your store ur]/index.php/api/xmlrpc returns an xml response as you can see in this example

Access denied error

There are three possible causes that can produce this error.

1. Check Magento API credentials.

Usually when we receive the access denied error it is because the username/password provided are not valid or the role permissions associated are not the corrects.

  • Your API user and Key must contain only numbers and letters
  • Please double check you are not adding any extra blank space when copy and paste the key.

It is important to notice that the user you must create is a Magento webservice user, not a regular one.

Please check that you have followed the steps shown here.

2. Magento role_user table order

In some old Magento versions the order where the API role and the API user are created are very important, so first you need to create the role and after that the user.

3. Magento bug for 1.8 related to the api_key column

It is a known bug related to the api_key column and the new salt length for Magento 1.8.x. They changed it from charvar(40) to charvar(100) and some of the following versions were not migrated properly, so your api_key would be "cut" and they credentials will not work. You should change it from charvar(40) to charvar(100) in your database.

Module not detected

If after installing Beetailer you receive the message "Module required" and you are sure that you have followed all the steps, please check.

The module is is installed and enabled in the Magento connect Manager

It is enabled under System -> Config -> Advanced -> Disable module output

Magento compiler

If you are using Magento compiler please be sure that you recompile all your instance after the module installation.


Check that your directories app/code/community has write permissions and that the module has been installed there.

623 Calling parameters do not match signature error

If you are trying to connect and receive fault code 623 "Calling parameters do not match signature ", it seems you are suffering a Magento API bug [1].

You can fix it commenting out this line in your magento instance.

throw new Zend_XmlRpc_Server_Exception(’Calling parameters do not match signature’, 623);

in /lib/Zend/XmlRpc/Server.php in your magento folder.

This is not a common issue but we have a few stores that fixed this problem following this method.

[1] (Yours is bug #1) http://www.everythingilike.com/magento-api-bug-fixes

HTTP-Error: 302 Moved Temporarily

Please check that your store url is correct, the most of the times this error is because you are using for example an url that includes www but your server redirects to the url without www and viceversa.

Fatal error: Call to undefined function libxml_disable_entity_loader()

This error is usually because you the store has been patched for fixing the API vulnerability and the PHP version used in your server does not support the new methods added by the patch. The solution is to upgrade your PHP installation to version 5.2.11 or newer,

Couldn't resolve host 'magento-community'

Check this article out

My products do not have images or they are wrong

Usually the source of this problem is that your products are using numeric sku values which Magento mixes up with the products ids. For example if we are trying to get the the product with id 123 we actually get the one which has sky 123.

The current solution is changing the products SKU format for something that can not be used as ID, for example you can use sku "#6" or "assar-black" (descriptive sku).

Do you support Magento Enterprise?

Yes, we do. You can get more information about how to install Magento Enterprise Edition (MEE) from the following page

In my fan page the store appears closed although I have opened it

Usually the problem is that you have more than one store related to the same fan page and the first one is closed.

  • In your subscriptions list you can see the stores related to the fan page, the visualization order is based in their position, so just rearrange them dragging them up and down.


  • If you can only see one store in your subscriptions list, it is likely that you have an store related to other user account, just go to that account and remove the old store.

I am using MagentoGO and have installed the module but Beetailer does not detect it

Go to this page and check if the Beetailer module appears as installed


If it does uninstall and install it again