[Beetailer] Using Google Analytics

Beetailer includes the following Google Analytics integrations.

Beetailer store data in your GA account using a custom tracker

You can track all the events from your Beetailer store in your Google analytics account following the next steps;

  • Create a Google analytics account, using a descriptive name (e.g My FB store) and as url http://www.beetailer.com
  • Copy your account Tracking ID


  • Add this new tracking code in your Beetailer settings section, and wait until your new GA account is ready.


UTM parameters

Beetailer sends to your store some Google analytics tracking parameters for any interaction that finishes in your store including for example the checkout action.

The parameters are.

  • utm_source=facebook
  • utm_medium=referral
  • utm_campaign=beetailer
  • utm_content is variable depending on the interaction of the user (go_to_store, checkout_action, ...)

Now you can see the impact of your Beetailer store from your Google Analytic dashboard.