[Beetailer] Using Beetailer store on Facebook Mobile version

The mobile version of Facebook does not show the fan page applications but Beetailer includes a mobile catalog view which allow your users to navigate through your Facebook store using their mobile devices.

So, how can my users enter in my store?

  • If you post a product/category link in your page Timeline, your mobile users will navigate using the mobile version.
  • As the Shop tab is not visible on mobile we need to add a Store link to the top of your page following the next steps.

1 - Copy your store url going to the subscriptions list then click on "Get a shareable URL" and copy it.


2 - Use Facebook on behalf of you Fan page


3 - Add status or upload a picture and include your store URL


4 - Pint it to the Top


Now, your mobile users will be able to see a link to your Facebook store on the top of your page timeline.