[Beetailer] How to redeem your discount code

1. Subscriptions page

If you got a discount code from Beetailer, you can redeem it from you admin panel --> Your Subscriptions [1] . Click on Actions --> "Manage/Upgrade plan"


[1] https://www.beetailer.com/dashboard/subscriptions

2. Choose plan

The previous link will redirect you to the pricing page where you would have to choose a plan.


3. Create a subscription and include the code

You have to fill out the form and create a new subscription on Beetailer. You have to use the discount code here


4. Accept Paypal preapproval just in case you chose the Paypal payment method.

You will be redirected to Paypal and you will need to complete the process. Log in Paypal and then click on "Approve".



5. Done!

You have created a subscription on Beetailer with a discount code applied successfully. Note that once your discount code expire you will be charged. If you do not want to be charged at that point, you should downgrade your subscription to the FREE plan before the code expire.