[Beetailer] How to manage (add, remove) the users related to your stores

In Beetailer you have subscriptions which contain one or many stores, each subscription can be managed by multiple users.

In order to manage the users related to your subscriptions you need to.

  • Sign up the new user you want to grant access unless the user is already in the Beetailer.
  • Using your original user account, go to Manage subscriptions page and click on Manage Users for the subscription you grant/remove access to.

In the following example you can see two subscriptions, each one contains one store.


  • Add the email of an existing Beetailer user, decide if you want him to be a subscription administrator, which allows him to add or remove users as well.


  • Once you do it, the new user will be able to see the new subscription on his Manage subscriptions page.