[Beetailer] CSV file import reference

If you are using a custom store you can import your products using a CSV file.

You can do it from your products list


1. Requirements

To populate your catalog, you can upload a CSV file. That file must meet the following requirements.

  • All the fields must be separated by commas, and double quoted.
  • The maximum number of products (rows) that must contain the file is 1000.
  • The first line (the 'header' line) should follow the formula below:


    Every subsequent line references a product, and every field must be separated by commas and double quoted. You can download an example file here.

2. Fields description

Field name Required Note
title yes
url no External url related to your product.
description yes
price yes
published no
qty no Available product inventory, empty means unlimited
weight no Weight in Kilos or pounds
sku yes This is the product indentifier, if the system detects that there is already a product that is using this sku it will update its content.
images no Absolute image url, if you want to associate more than one image, just separate them by commas
taxes_rate no Taxes rate in percentage, ex 18
categories no Category names separated by commas.
options no Attributes(color, size, ...) and values (red, big,...) related to the variant, the format of the field must be 'attribute1,value1,attribute2,value2'. (Example color,red,size,big)
If you want to create different variants of a product, all of them must have the same title but different options
You can avoid this field if your product has no different options

3. Example file

You can download an example file here.