[Social Widget] Customization and settings

You can configure your social widget to hide some specific elements, adding css entried, so on. Just follow the instructions that appear in your platform section.


New Shopify Installation

You can edit your widget using the dashboard of the app in your Shopify Store. You just need to go to

Your Shopify dashboard > Apps > Beetailer Social Widget



Old Shopify installation

During the installation of the Shopify widget you added a code like

<div id='beesocial' data-domain='{{shop.permanent_domain}}' data-product-id='{{product.id}}'  ...

where you can add some extra options in order to customise the widget. The additional parameters are:

  • data-comment-width (default: 525; options: a number)
  • data-fb-comment-num-post (default: 10; options: a number of posts)
  • data-css-style (default: ""; options: a custom css like "margin: 10px; float: left")
  • data-disable-twitter (default: 0; options: 0, 1)
  • data-disable-like (default: 0; options: 0, 1)
  • data-disable-plusone (default: 0; options: 0, 1)
  • data-disable-send (default: 0; options: 0, 1)
  • data-disable-comment (default: 0; options: 0, 1)
  • data-twitter-text (default: "Check it out!")
  • data-fb-comment-style (default: light; options: light, dark)

You can find more information here


Magento includes a administration panel where you can modify some aspects of the widget. You can access there from System -> Configuration -> Social Widget preferences


You can find more information here


Prestashop includes a configuration form in the admin panel, you can see it from your Modules section -> Advertisement & Marketing -> Social Widget -> Configure