[Beetailer] What is a welcome page? How can I configure it?

A welcome page is an image you can show once your non-fans users see your Facebook store. You can create two different images/designs depending on the purpose of the welcome page.

1) Welcome your customers and explain what they are going to find in the store, and at the same time, encourage them to like your page. After the click on the image, like the page or just click on the facebook store, the welcome page will disappear. Actually it is a popup, so people can see the store in the background all the time.

2) Only fans store. You can configure your welcome page in order to just allow to fans to enter into your Facebook shop. They will see the store in the background but they will not be able to remove the popup until they like the page.

You can choose one of those options for your welcome page and you should design a welcome page depending on the option you chose.

Step 1


Step 2