Beetailer joins forces with StoreYa

A lot of has changed in the e-commerce landscape since we started Beetailer 8 years ago. We were one of the pioneers of what became ‘social commerce’, allowing merchants big and small to connect with their audiences through Facebook, Twitter and other social networks. Over the course of our history we have onboarded over ten thousand stores - including famous brands such as Rovio/Angry Birds, Selena Gomez, Electronic Arts, Wikipedia and many others - and reached tens of millions of online consumers. However, as Facebook and the major platform providers such as Shopify matured, they have started incorporating many of the features that made us unique. We took a hard look at our business and realized that it will be increasingly challenging to operate as a standalone offering and thus decided to look for alternative partners for our customers.

We have decided to join forces with StoreYa, a leader in social commerce. StoreYa provides similar functionality to Beetailer in all the platforms that we currently support as well as a number of other complementary products to help you with marketing, advertising and customer management.

As part of this process, we will be shutting down at the end of November. After this date your store integration with Facebook will be deactivated and the Facebook tab will not be functional. You will still need to manually disable it. You can find details on how to disable it here.



To facilitate the move to StoreYa services, you can use the coupon code BeeTailer_Migration which will give you 3 months of free service. The coupon will be valid until Nov 21st.

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We want to give a heartfelt thanks to all our customers and partners in this long journey. This partnership is the best way forward and the StoreYa team will help make the transition as seamless as possible.

Laura Valverde,

Beetailer co-foounder